Iced Out records consist of artists' Derange, Telley, and more to come. The group is comprised of a mixture of influenced styles from greats such as  Wu Tang clan, Onyx, Mobb Deep, G-Unit, The Roots, and even legends such as the late great Michael Jackson. This multi-talented group of artists have been doing shows throughout the United States mainly in Midwest cities like Detroit, Lansing, Chicago, Flint, Grand Rapids, Cincinatti, Toledo, and Elkhart. They have also performed at Magic Johnson Mardi Gras in Los Angeles. Look out for the "Album Huge Or Stay Small" due to release this year. These true hip hop artists are bound for success and are ready for the music industry takeover.

Iced Out Records has just recently merged with fellow company authenic empire They not only do they have collaborative projects in the works to be released into the market, but they have also signed a new global distribution deal directly with authenic empire. Also in addition to the launch of Iced Out's Iced Out Vodka on March 03, 2018 , There's a lot more major moves being made because of the merger of the three labels, so stay in tune. This is shaping up to be a great year for Iced Out Records.

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